Renowned TV and celebrity trainer Stuart Taylor has launched the ‘Pocket Personal Trainer’ mobile app, the latest fitness and nutrition innovation from the PerfecTone Group that promises to deliver the body you want in just 40 days.

Backed by cutting-edge science, the ‘Pocket Personal Trainer’ offers a revolutionary 40-day weight loss programme with 100’s of exercises brought to life via video guides (and step by step picture galleries for when you don’t have strong network coverage) to show you how each is done, along with more than 120 delicious meals that are quick and easy to make.

“Not everyone has the time or money to afford a personal trainer so we’ve created this app with one goal in mind: to give everyone the ability to stay fit and healthy,” said Stuart Taylor. “The best part is that with all of our exercises you don’t need any fancy gym equipment so it can easily be done at home, in the office or in the park during your lunch break. It literally is like having your own personal trainer in your pocket!”

One of the UK’s most respected training and fitness experts, Taylor is best known for his TV roles, including Head Coach on Gladiators, Total Wipeout, Celebrity Wrestling and International King of Sports, as well as being the fitness industry expert on The Apprentice and featured personal trainer on Fat Families and Britain’s Hardest. He has also trained many celebrities from stage, screen and professional sport.

The PerfecTone unique “Core 4” fitness programme fuses together training techniques from four sports-based disciplines. Upon logging into the app, users have a choice of a tailored plan based on the body type they want to achieve: Athletic (strength and conditioning), Body Sense (yoga and pilates), Combat (boxing and martial arts) and Dance (ballet conditioning).

The exercises are targeted at abs, arms, shoulders, back & legs, giving you a full body workout to help achieve your goals. Each exercise also has a countdown and stopwatch timer, accounting for rest times between exercises. Users are also able to save their favourite exercises and meals to make them easily discoverable the next time they log in.

The app also boasts a unique ‘Selfie’ feature whereby users can track their weight and body shape by taking daily pictures of themselves that can eventually be turned into a time lapse series at the end of the 40-day programme to see the results.

“We all have different goals and body types so it’s unrealistic to think that one size fits all when it comes to choosing your plan,” adds Taylor. “The ‘Pocket Personal Trainer’ app has been designed so that you can choose the look you wish to achieve. Whether you are a complete beginner, looking to lose weight, or a fitness guru who wants to stay in shape or build muscle, you can easily create your own body by customising your fitness and nutrition plan to suit you and your unique goals.”

The ‘Pocket Personal Trainer’ app is available to download for £4.99. Find out more here:

About PerfecTone

PerfecTone is a unique new fitness and nutrition plan created by renowned TV and celebrity trainer Stuart Taylor and restaurateur Paul Fox. Brought to life via the ‘Pocket Personal Trainer’ app, PerfecTone introduces a personalised healthy lifestyle plan that doesn’t require a revolution in your lifestyle – it’s a lifestyle evolution. Find out more at

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A version of this press release was published in Digital Health Age | 4 June 2018