Bakers Basco, working with the team at KLPR, has unveiled a revamped website with new features that aim to simplify the site’s navigation and bring it into the modern age as a valuable resource of information.  

New features include a detailed ‘About Us’ section, broken down into three key areas: Recycling, Innovation and Investigations, in addition to a ‘Member Benefits’ page which highlights the operational side of the business. The new website also features a digital newsstand to spotlight Bakers Basco in the news, and clearer navigation to inform businesses and the general public how and where to report if they come across any of the company’s equipment. 

“With our new website, we’ve tried to bring Bakers Basco into the modern age – in the same way our business has evolved through introducing new technologies like GPS trackers across our equipment pool,” said Paul Empson, General Manager, Bakers Basco. “The website is now much more dynamic and we want to make it as easy as possible to educate people about what we do and empower them to know what to do if they come across any of our equipment, reporting directly from our website and connecting with us through social media.”  

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