‘Facial recognition tech is becoming more sophisticated, with some firms claiming it can even read our emotions and detect suspicious behaviour. But what implications does this have for privacy and civil liberties?’

The BBC recently explored this topic in a feature article entitled ‘The cameras that know if you’re happy – or a threat’ and we were delighted to have our client David Fulton, CEO of WeSee included as a commentator:

“Using only low-quality video footage, our technology has the ability to determine an individual’s state of mind or intent through their facial expressions, posture, gestures and movement,” chief executive David Fulton tells the BBC. “In future, video cameras on a tube station platform could use our tech to detect suspicious behaviour and alert authorities to a potential terrorist threat.”

Read the full story (with further comment from WeSee) here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-44799239#