The issue of lost bread baskets has been a persistent thorn in the industry’s side, but a joined-up approach and advances in technology are making a real difference.

Baskets and dollies that have been stolen, broken or returned to the wrong baker can set a business back thousands of pounds every year. And the cost isn’t just financial – there’s an environmental price to pay from the high level of waste, too.

According to the Federation of Bakers (FoB), there was a time when business planning assumed that basket losses would be in the region of 70%.

However, industry efforts succeeded in driving the number down to 13% by December 2009, and then even further to 11.5% by 2015.

It’s an ongoing battle, but one the industry appears to be winning. So, what’s the story behind the numbers?

KLPR, on behalf of Bakers Basco, worked with British Baker Magazine on a feature looking at how equipment attrition rates have been reduced across the baking industry and the environmental impact this is having, with expert comment from Bakers Basco GM Paul Empson, Chairman Joe Street and FoB’s chief executive Gordon Polson.

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Photo by Nadya Spetnitskaya on Unsplash