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Media Relations

Media Relations

We will introduce you to your media………

KLPR has long standing relationships with many journalists working in the fields of Ad Tech, IT, Ecommerce, Advertising and Media, Meetings and Events, Broadcast, Film and Production and nurture these relationships regularly. By doing this we are more likely to get their attention when we are talking about you (and let’s face it, that’s what we’re here to do).

We ensure that you are in the right place at the right time where journalists are present, in addition to securing one to one meetings with the relevant press. We are also keen on connecting you via social media channels to these very valuable contacts.


“As a journalist it’s important that approaches from PRs are relevant to the topics I write about. Kelly and the team take the time to find out what’s relevant and what’s not. The result is they don’t waste my time and theirs. Beyond that, rather than simply farming out press releases KLPR have been great at setting up one-to-ones with clients leading to some exclusive scoops for me! In a nutshell, the team are great to work with and make my life a whole lot easier.”
– Clark Turner, Founding Editor,

“That’s a fantastic piece of PR, in real time. I can see the strategy behind it. Clever and purposeful”
– Jez Walters, Editor, What’s New in Publishing

“I really like this piece from start to finish and love the writing style”
– Vincent Flood, Editor, Video Ad News

“Yup we’ve got everything we need! They were such good answers that we couldn’t even fit it all in the print feature – so we’re going to run an online feature with the full interview when this print issue hits desks :)”
– Emma Hudson, Deputy Editor, Events Portfolio, Mash Media

“Journalists are time poor and because of that we don’t have much time for PR people. Particularly the time-wasters who clearly haven’t a clue about who we are, the publications we write for and the stories that are going to interest us. Kelly is a rare exception. Having once been one of us, she knows what we want and when we want it. That’s why we’re always happy to take her call.”
– John Reynolds, The Guardian


“Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations” – George Orwell


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